Sunday, December 08, 2013

Who You Keep Up With

I've been curious about social circles.  I wonder if I'm more social than Wifey.  I wonder if she's more social, but that once I make a connection, I'm more consistent on keeping that connection going.

Christmas cards are a totally in-exact way of answering that question.  Here are the piles of cards I've got stamped.

Adoption - people we've met through the adoption process (that would be a BOTH).  However, I met them through blogs, which Wifey thought was a questionable hobby.  And the first set of people she met, she was apprehensive about meeting.  But now, she's okay.  However, I haven't really met any "new" people in a while since I no longer actively watch the adoption process.  I'm off all message boards, and these days, I no longer follow pre-adoption blogs...only those who have had their kids home.

Both - people we've met together, as we started dating.

Johnny - the people I knew before I met Wifey.  This of course, includes people like parents.  But it also includes friends from high school, including my high school drama teacher!

Wifey - her Mom, her siblings, her distant relatives.

The Count:

Adoption - 15

Both - 3

Johnny - 29

Wifey - 8

Of the Adoption list:
3 - met on one of our two adoption trips
9 - I've met personally
3 - never met, only via email

I think it's because I guard my true identity very carefully, and in physical mail, you can figure out which city in Texas I live.  I took a poll once (in comments) to see if people had deduced where I really live.  Only like 5% got it right.  Excellent!

I've thought of social circles when Wifey and I host a dinner.  Most of the time, the people invited are those who I've introduced her to.  But again, I consider myself half-introvert (my Dad) half-extrovert (my Mom).  Once we've become friends, I latch on and don't let you drift away (unless I determine you've gone insane).  Wifey seems to let people drift away.  The statement is, "Oh yeah, I really need to call her and have lunch to see how she's doing." it!  Better yet, invite them to dinner!

But no, there's always reason that doesn't happen.

(don't worry, your card is in the mail!)


  1. Neat analogy. I think I'd be more like wifey as some friendships stick while others come and go. I can often be heard saying, 'We should get together.' But then not doing it. Interesting...

  2. I am much more sociable, he doesn't send cards at all. LOL

  3. We are the same way with adoption friends, most all are from the early blogging days (2005+) and we have not added any new ones in quite awhile (Facebook just doesn't lend itself to all the hard discussions we had during the adoption process). Thank you for your card; we (my Hubby much so) has always enjoyed your internet friendship. We will meet up someday. AA has been invited to a golf tournament in your great State; but won't make it this year.... maybe soon... someday. Until then, Happy New Year and much happiness in 2014.

    Alyzabeth's Mommy