Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Letter to Customer Service of a Local Merchant

There is a store I am always leery of going into to shop for Wifey for gifts.  I've always thought about writing them a letter about their customer service.  I was hesitant to do so right now, since it's so close to Christmas (Here's a lump of coal for you!), but I figured if they want to stay in business they need to know HOW to stay in business (they have been in business for a long time).  In this case, there is a bit of reverse age-ism and sex-ism.  But, obviously it's been gnawing at me for quite a while so I sent them a note.  Better to do it than talk about doing it.
  I am an occasional shopper at your store.  I live fairly close to the store and it offers a highly varied selection of [College Name redacted] clothing and items.  However, each time I enter the store to purchase an item for my wife, I find the same level of customer service (towards me).  I find that single, "younger" men are ignored by the sales staff.  They don't ask how I'm doing.  They don't ask if they can help with any selections.
  Most recently, I was in the store to buy Christmas presents for my wife.  I was looking for a
particular type of lined windbreaker jacket.  I was looking through many of the racks and no one
asked to assist me.  Then, I went to look for a long sleeve t-shirt in the women's section.  That would
have been a distinct hint that I was maybe needing help as I was holding up shirts trying to guess arm
length with shirt sizes.
  Even Ms. [Elderly Owner]  ignored me as she was nearby and was fretting about the rain causing a
slowdown in business.  My opinion is that the person (me) who drove through the rain just to shop at
that store (rather than buying online) should be a person you would want to cater to.
  The reason I can state that single (looking) males seem to be ignored in the store is that the moment
an elderly man enters the store, the staff immediately asks if they can help.  I've experienced that
several times at the store.
 I've worked in retail, and I'm not trying to berate your store.  I've been thinking that sometimes
people don't see the same perspective.  And, I would like [Store Name redacted], a local merchant,
to continue to be in business. Thus, I ask that you sometimes ask the young-ish looking, single guy
who wanders into the store if you could be of assistance.

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  1. A young, single and handsome man, as yourself probably has no money to make a purchase at this particular store. Try the candy shop next door.