Monday, March 25, 2013

Hawaii Trip Recap - Pt 4

Yawn, another luau.

Actually, it has been a couple of years.  As mentioned in pasts posts, we like to stay at Lanai.  But Lanai is too tiny to hold luaus.  They have to ferry the performers and the food over and it's not cost effective (round trip on the ferry is $100).

Weak phone from iPhone since I was tired of carrying my big camera by then.
And I'd been telling the gals that I would be going to Da Poke Shack, which rated highly on food critique sites and apps.  Finally one afternoon while they were re-heating leftovers I went.  It was only 2 miles down from the rental house.

Clockwise from top left:

1) white rice
2) Kim Chee mussels - yum!!!
3) special of the day - wasabi ahi, very good.  tangy
4) garlic seasoned edamame - not bad
5) the spicy ahi - surprisingly bland.  not spicy at all, although you could see small red flecks in there.

 And then we skip to the last day.  It was a busy day.  The terms of the house rental was for 7 full nights, but we decided to leave one day early to get back to Texas time and be ready for school and work the next day.  The way the flights work in Hawaii, most flights back to the mainland are red-eye flights.  Ours left at 9:00 pm on Friday night, to arrive in CA Saturday morning at 5:30.  So, we didn't have to leave for the airport until 7:00-ish.

We had a busy day:
  • Packing
  • Met with realtor for lunch (more detail on that in a later post)
  • Went and drove around a neighborhood to get a feel of property there
  • Went to yet another beach (5 beaches in 6 days)
  • Packing
  • Eating out 
  • Airport

When I was on the second Contiki tour, my only knowledge of beaches on the Big Island was of the rocky/pebbly beaches, except for the black sand beach.  But some of the younger "kids" said they went to the North West and there were gorgeous beaches there (there was a free day where everyone could do whatever they wanted instead being with the group).  We finally must have hit one of the beaches they went to:

Kaunaoa Beach

Man, it was gorgeous and smooth.  Very little to no rocks in the water.

The sand was powder soft.  

But wait, why is it empty if it is such a perfect beach?

Because it's sprinkling and overcast.  The adults are huddled under the grove of trees and you can see a few raindrops on my camera lense.

But the kids, especially the Boy, was on a mission to boogie board.  He didn't care about the rain, he just jumped in and tried to figure out how to catch a wave.


His sister is out there directing him on what to do.

After a while, after a lot of sideways swipes, he got the hang of it.

Is it a shock that he actually slept on the overnight plane ride?  (an extreme rarity with him)
Broke a bowl in the dishwasher.  Owner said fuggidaboutit

At a gas station to fill up the tank of the rental car and to visit the bathroom.  We had been explaining to Wifey's cousin about the Hawaiian obsession with SPAM.  May I present to you, sitting in the cold, quick snack shelf SPAM Musubi

And what the heck, since the airlines no longer feed you.  Let's stop off at a well rated Japanese place for some teppanyaki

Hey, we got close to a volcano!

But then the vog rolled in.

I sat next to the Girl.  A few hours later, when it was dark and the girl was zonked out asleep, the flight attendant giving me a glass of water asked if the Girl was showing Elmo what the plane was doing.  I confirmed it and she smiled broadly and said it was the cutest thing and she was going to do something special for Elmo.  But then, that got forgotten (but she meant well), but I never told the Girl about it.  Anyway, her pal got to go to Hawaii with the rest of the family.

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  1. Very interested to hear more about the property search. I've been watching Hawaii Life and other real estate shows filmed in Hawaii and was shocked that a lovely family home outside of Maui is the same price as a comparable family home in the Boston suburbs. Really made me think, I may have to start lobbying the husband.